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Created exclusively for Corporate Leaders

a table with wine glasses - rose wines - dinner table

Were there any moments when you wished you had known more about wine?

Seriously, what is actually the difference between a Chablis and a Chardonnay?

Wine is a culture. Talking about wine is a great conversation starter that connects people.

Knowing wine, being able to comment on different wines and making good wine selections are important skills in refined business environments.


When you host an important client during a business dinner, choosing the right wine is an important decision, as it often sets the tone and helps you start an enjoyable business relationship.


We offer wine training sessions for senior level executives and provide them with the fundamentals of wine culture. The training is enriched by wonderful tasting experiences with hand-picked bottles.


You will learn, taste and enjoy it very much. You will feel more confident the next time you talk about wine. You will impress your guests with your wine knowledge and remarkable choices.

a glass of red wine - chilled red wine on a blue background


If you prefer to enjoy an exclusive session. One participant, full focus. World wines or country focus, depending on your choice.

sparkling wine glasses - two bubbly glasses on a sea view


If you prefer to share a session with another participant. World wines or country focus, depending on your choice. Two participants.

friends having lunch - rose wine glasses on a table - people having lunch and wine


 For those who enjoy company. Four participants, lots of exchange. World wines or country focus, depending on your choice

wine tasting setting - glasses and bottle for wine tasting - wine glasses


For those who love fun. Eight participants, that's a crowd! World wines or you may as well choose a country of your interest.

Please CONTACT us for price quotes.

Session duration is 4 hours for all sessions. Wine glasses and other tasting material provided.

Enquire about our premium sessions. Premium sessions are provided with premium wines and allows you to also focus on a country of your choice.

A valid proof of ID confirming your age will be required to attend the sessions.

Download the brochure for this service!

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